I should write a book.

When I posted that FAQ the other day, I neglected to include the question I get most often: Why don’t you write a book?

I left the book question out because A) I thought it sounded pretentious to include something like that, and B) If I admit to the Internet that I’m working on a book, then I actually have to follow through and write a book.

Then, it occurred to me that Internet pressure to follow through is exactly what I require. So here goes…

I’m going to write a book.


It is equal parts flattering and scary, having people you respect tell you to write a book. Their statements imply that people would read it, but there’s no guaranteeing anyone actually would…

Whatevs. I’m doing it.

I’m going to self-publish, unless you know a publishing house who will have me. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll have my own session at The Southern Festival of Books. A gal can dream.

Wish me luck!

And save up because I fully expect ya’ll to buy at least 10 copies each.