I’ll have what it’s having

Twenty days ago, we took Suzianne to Disneyland. We live about two hours from there, so it’s not as heavy of a lift as it sounds. Turns out, The Happiest Place on Earth, though small, is pretty fun. I’m a Disneyworld girl, so I had my doubts. 

We’ll likely wait a couple of years before we take our toddler back, but if you do take your yours, seek out Goofy’s Playhouse in Toontown. Here, blessedly, your spouse replica can  frolic in a foam-floored, caged environment, free from momma spit face washes and runaway tour buses. They also may climb through a watermelon cave, on a small-child-appropriate slide and atop a giant pumpkin:


As you’re strolling through, you’ll notice Disney “cast members” carrying around The World’s Most Massive Bunch of The World’s Largest Mickey Balloons:

Photo credit: Flickr user Tours Departing Daily

Photo credit: Flickr user Tours Departing Daily

…which every child MUST be given or OMG MY PARENTS HATE ME YA’LL.


Lest you think we’re crazy for buying our baby a $8.95 balloon, know this: It’s been 20 days and this balloon is just as plump and perky as the day it was created. 

Day 4:


Day 18:


Day 19, when Dave put the Immortal Balloon on permanent display as a part of Suzianne’s bathroom decor:


It’s a miracle of science. And I would like to know what is causing it, and if it is injectable.


Side Note: Did you know DisneyParks have a “moms panel” where you can ask frequent Disney-ers questions about rides, food, diaper stations, etc? I’m not sure why they don’t have a Dad’s forum, but that’s another post for another time.