Things I thought would never happen: bottle holding

I’m not one to get all hung up on the exact timing of developmental milestones, but there are some things I swear I thought Suzianne would just never do. For instance, there was a six week period where I was convinced I’d be holding my daughter’s bottle at her first prom.

When most other babies are at least attempting to hold their own bottles, our girl was doing this:

A few weeks later, it was more like “Momma, I guess I could hold my own bottle, but feeding me is pretty much your only job, amiright? I respect you too much to take that from you.”

Thanks, baby.

Seriously? You will grab and hold a milk-free foot up to your mouth, but you won’t hold a bottle when you are hungry? SMH.

And then, one morning just before she turned 7 months old, she snatched it from me. Almost as if to say, “Geez, woman, just give it to me already so I can show you how this is supposed to be done.” Of course, I ran and grabbed my phone to document the miracle, in case it never happened again:

One month later:

Now, at nine months, she’s straight-up multitasking. This is how I found her this morning: jamming out to Pandora Toddler Tunes Radio with her rattle, making scream noises at the dog, while downing six ounces of Similac.

So, don’t worry, new momma. Your baby refusing to do X,Y or Z might not have anything to do with proper development. She may just be stubborn.