What you missed: walking

During my blogging hiatus, Suzianne learned to walk. I’m delighted to report I lucked into capturing her actual first steps on video:

Suzianne was a late walker; also a late crawler. Folks always told me savor this, because once they start walking they turn into wild horned beasts or something. But I actually like this whole walking thing.

I love that when I’m holding her and she wants down, I no longer have to bend so far over to sit her on the floor. I can stop when her feet touch the ground. My back is more than grateful.

And when she’s trying to tell me something and she doesn’t have the words, she can just walk over to it and show me like so:


Momma, I would like to put my fingers in this electrical outlet. Cool?

Also, photos of her walking are adorable:




Bonus: once she started walking, she decided shoes were not products of the devil.


This started in late April. These days, she’s running, turning in circles, attempting to jump, climbing things, etc. I’ll keep you posted on how long the new-to-walking phase enjoyment lasts…