She’s mobile!

Ya’ll. The tiny human I made now is mobile! As of December 27, 2012, she can look at something, decide she wants it, then, go get it! I’m thrilled/terrified.

It went like this:

Dave: “I bet she’ll crawl if I put the book down over here.”

Me: {eye roll}.

Suzianne: {Laser-focused six foot crawl like she’s been crawling her whole life.}

Georgia: “Things just got real.”

Check it:

This moment was shocking for two reasons: 1) she’s never crawled more than six inches before (on Dec 23), and 2) she was crawling in order to get to theĀ The World’s Most Annoying Toy that you all must go buy right now, because it makes your child–and your skin–crawl, obviously.

Here’s a close up of your soon to be most-loathed possession:



I know I’m prone to exaggeration, but you just wait until you’ve heard “Listen to the sheep sing! Beh, Beh, Beh, Beh, Behhhhh, Behhhhhhhhhh” 28,000 times. It’s awful. Clearly, Mary had a little genetically modified lamb. Suzianne can’t get enough.

For those of you playing developmental bingo, this means Suzianne crawled for the first time at 9.5 months. That’s a good month or so after “most” babies crawl. So, sister, don’t get all freaked out if your baby is a little behind; they all learn to get around eventually!

Backwards and sideways

My child will be nine months old tomorrow and does not crawl. Increasingly, folks are asking, “Are you worried?”


Suzianne is mobile, she’s just not forwardly mobile. She will be at some point, but for now, she’s getting where she’s going in her own way: backwards and sideways.

It’s all good until she gets stuck.

But I’m not worried. Every child develops at their own pace; she’ll figure it out one day. At that point, expect a panicked blog post about how I have given only about five minutes’ thought to baby-proofing. That, friends, is something to worry about.