How to get rid of cradle cap

My girl has had a stubborn case of cradle cap. Folks said it would go away on it’s own, but it just seemed to get worse each week. And you know I’m not one to sit around and wait.

Yesterday, I’d had enough, so I asked a few folks and the Internet what I should do about it.┬áThe overwhelming consensus: olive oil and a toothbrush.

I dabbled some oil on her head and eyebrows, waited a few minutes and began rubbing the problem areas with an extra soft toothbrush:

The scales started to pull away from her little head! Added benefit: she smelled like dinner:

After a couple of minutes, I wiped the scales away with a warm washcloth. And what do you know? Her head was virtually scale-free:

Of course, I have no clue if this stuff comes back after a while or what. But this method seems to be working for now!*

*Always consult your pediatrician before attempting to remove cradle cap from your infant with a method you read about on some random gal’s blog. I’m kind of a big deal, but I’m no doctor.