Language implosion.

Ya’ll, this week, words are totally happening. They aren’t the full words, mind you. They are the toddler versions, which means only the most essential sounds are used when conveying the message. Is your baby cussing? Or is she a genius? Only time will tell. 

These partial words are cropping up constantly now. With the exception of “owl,” which she puts like 47 syllables in because her momma is from the South. Words this week include:

Momma: Hey, Suzianne, what’s this?

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.07.28 PM


Suzianne: Ahhh-wa-aaall.


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.09.18 PM


Suzianne: Owse.


Georgia, our poodle.

Georgia, our poodle.

Suzianne: Ja-ja.




Suzianne: At.


Elmo. Duh.


Suzianne: Elmo.

Wait. What?


She’s heard the word Elmo maybe seven times in her 17 months on Earth. Dave said  “Elmo” to her yesterday when he was adjusting her Elmo backseat mirror. Clear as day, she repeated, “Elmo.”

Keep in mind that this is Suzianne holding an “uck.”


And a dog is an “ock.”

Shoes are “soose.”

A cat is a “cack.”

But somehow, Elmo is straight up freaking Elmo.  

I’m not sure how toddlers manage to master fictional character names before they say words like, oh, I don’t know…”MOMMA.” Suzianne’s never even seen Elmo on TV.


Guess I should buckle up because our Toddler Owner’s Manual says the real language explosion happens around at 18 months. Which means four weeks from today, she’s totally gonna look up and ask me if I’m Team Edward or Team Jacob. (Edward by a mile, by the way) 

15 thoughts on “Language implosion.

  1. Most embarassing word mispronunciation? Fork, by a mile. When it’s missing an “R” and your toddler is demanding it loudly in a restaurant, you get a lot of judgment.

  2. I enjoyed when my nephew would yell “penis” when asked about those pointy things on his hand.

    • Hahahaha!

      That reminds me of when Dave and I were walking along the beach a few months back and a little girl said out loud, to no one: “Vagina!” Upon receiving no response from her parents, she then sang it loud and proud: Vaaaaa GIIIIIIIII Naaaaaaa, Vaaaaaa GIIIIIII Naaaaaa!

      It was epic.

  3. And then they learn to say things correctly, and it’s a little sad. I miss Clara running around the house yelling “Weeeeeeebiiiiiiii” at the dog. Now she just says “Levi”, and it’s a little depressing. “Lotion” however, still comes out as “toe-pam” for some reason, so I’m holding on to that.

  4. Do you recommend the Toddler’s Owner’s Manual? You found it useful? Sometimes I stray away from books like that because they make you feel like you SHOULD be doing something and feel bad if you’re not, but if it’s helpful I might give it a try. On the verge of having a toddler…

    • We find it helpful; mostly for the developmental milestones sections. Though, they do have some creative advice for “troubleshooting” issues like taking away the pacifier and blankie. Suzianne doesn’t take those items out of her bedroom though, so we’ve never had to test their methods. Thanks for reading!

    • Well, of course it does.

      And I love the looks on their faces when they say these things and we look back like, WTH? They’re all “did I stutter?”

  5. We thought our 4-year-old was repeating curse words, until we realized he was trying to say “fog.” It continues on for awhile and it is so fun!

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