Ya’ll have questions

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you reading and sharing with your friends my ridiculous thoughts on parenting and baby stuff? I do. I also appreciate your questions; here is my attempt to answer a few of them:


This is me very preggers in February 2012.

Why didn’t you do a pregnancy blog? I did, actually. It’s over here at Margie Newman: Preggers. Highlights include:

Why did you resurrect the blog after your four month hiatus? 

Several friends had been asking me to write again and it was really touching. I started this blog as therapy for myself, but it turns out that my confessions are helpful to others, too. That’s a really nice feeling, and responsibility. I started back up because I want you to know you’re not alone, which also means I’m not alone.

Who reads this blog?

Best I can tell, most of you are women with children or women who love children. Some know me personally and love Suzianne. The majority of you are based in the South and on the East Coast. Then, there’s also a bunch of loyal readers in Colorado. And you are super savvy, cool people because most of you read this blog from the brilliance that is your Apple device:

This stats app is called "Get Clicky" and I love it.

Except for Danny and Tabatha, who read it on their Android. Bless ’em.

What do you do when you’re not blogging or cleaning your child’s face?  

My husband and I own a public relations and digital strategy firm called Intesa Communications Group. It is based in San Diego, with an office in D.C (that Tabatha runs with that Android device). I do public relations and hubby Dave designs websites and does SEO for our clients; he created this blog for Suzianne the week before she was born and I commandeered it.

What happens if you can’t think of something funny to write?

It’s less about finding something to write about and more about finding the time to write about it. Occasionally, something funny or odd happened but I struggle to find the words to explain it well. Those days, I just post a photo or nothing at all.

What do you want me to do if I notice a typo?

Report it immediately. I don’t ask anyone to edit or proof these posts before they go up, which is a big publishing no-no. So please, do me a solid and alert me to the offensive copy by emailing margie at flackrabbit dot com.


8 thoughts on “Ya’ll have questions

  1. Yay for everyone who loves Suzianne! Because why wouldn’t they? And that’s my Facebook for Android app, thank you very much. Suzianne’s antics are great Metro reading, where I can’t connect via my tech-pretty, but wireless-devoid iPad.

  2. I, like many others, am also super glad you are back to blogging! Thanks for sharing all of your vast knowledge and experience with us! 🙂

  3. Here is a question or maybe more of a topic request- what was your experience with pumping at work? I could use the Margie POV/advice/humor on it! 🙂

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