Favorite things: Months 13-16

It’s been a while since we posted a list of Suzianne’s favorite things. Here’s a grouping of her go-to books, foods and toys over the past few months:

Books. The good old fashioned board kind. Since she could sit up on her own, she’s had a thing for pulling every book off the shelf and wading in a pool of cardboard. These are her favorites. Note: if you buy these, you’ll be reading them over and over again. Unless you hide them under the ottoman like we do. So, don’t blame me–you’ve been warned.


But wait! Where is MY favorite book, Llama, Llama, Red Pajama? Yeah, so, she could not care less about that book. It breaks my heart, since reading that book to her while making her sit awkwardly in a Bumbo is basically the only reason I had a baby and of course my child hates both of those things. (geez)

Food. Unless she’s teething, this child will pack away the food. She’s especially fond of red foods, like watermelon, tomatoes, red bell peppers, strawberries and cherries.IMG_7897

Even as easy-going eater, she still goes through picky phases. For three days, the only thing she’d eat was this banana pouch and cheddar bunnies. Also, every now and then, she’ll refuse to eat cheese unless it is sliced in a certain way. Last week, she wouldn’t eat a green bean with strings hanging off of it. So, daddy picked off all the strings for her, naturally.

When my foodie turns fickle, I always giggle/cry and think about this hilarious/true/depressing Honest Toddler post. As a friend of mine commented on Facebook last week, it’s amazing how universal this behavior is.

The Fisher Price Piggybank. Yes, this toy makes noise and sings and stuff, but I like the music on this one for some reason, so I don’t mind. It’s been great for her hand-eye coordination and helps us teach her color recognition.

The iPhone. Like any human toddler, Suzianne is obsessed with our phones. We do our best to keep them from her–mostly because her hands are gross. About once a day though, we give her some screen time with two of her favorites: the super-fun ABC Story Bots app and the precious Forest Flyer app.


When these two apps light up, she giggles uncontrollably, and completely loses her mind when you take them away to do mean things to her like dinner or pants. These apps are not especially helpful during airplane travel though, because they aren’t as fun when you can’t hear the sound.

Swings! Lord, does this child love to swing. It started when she was about 10 months old and has not stopped.





Lord help you when it does stop though:


I do have sympathy for her inconsolable state when something she loves is no longer available to her. I’m certain I made that same face back when I was preggers and Dave took me to an IHOP in Washington, D.C. that did not serve pigs in a blanket. (I KNOW.)

Maybe remembering how often he had to listen to me whine about how stupid non-pigs-in-a-blanket-serving IHOPs are is why Dave decided Suzianne needed the ability to swing at any given moment from the privacy of her own backyard:


Oh, sure it takes up the whole back yard, but she and her amazing squeals of joy are worth it. Thanks, Dave. 

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