What a Zoo

I don’t mean to be critical, but I have a bone to pick with the San Diego Zoo. As card carrying Zoo members, we consider ourselves lucky to be just a few miles away from one of the country’s most famous conservation organizations.


When was the last time you were strolling through a zoo and had to move out of the way of The World’s Largest Double Decker Bus every 10 minutes?

It's coming.

It’s coming. (Photo: Flickr user Asim Bharwani)

I’d have taken a photo of my own to show it to you, but I can’t be distracted while trying to peep out the Koala’s AND preparing myself to hurl a 16 month old and anyone’s granny I see out of the path of a BUS rolling through the WALKWAY.

Who’s idea was this? To drive through a sea of slow-moving, face-painted, oblivious-to-anything-not-clinging-to-a-tree sight seekers and tourists. This is not a smart idea.

Until Suzianne actually starts responding to commands like, “Hey, don’t get hit by a bus the size of Manhattan,” we’ll be sticking to Sea World. No busses there. Besides, Sea World gives you these awesome beer glasses to walk around with.


Which are great to have on hand when your Suzianne’s a snoozin:




And so…hi! It’s been four months since I’ve blogged. Sorry about that. Welcome back, us. We’ve got quite a bit to catch up on.