11 months!

This time last year, my momma was stuffing a king cake in her mouth and whining about her cankles!

This month, it became quite clear that I birthed a giant person. I’m not sure how I created this incredibly long and lean creature, but I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

Could wear my jeans right now.

I could wear my momma’s jeans right now.

She towers above other babies her age. In fact, I’m pretty sure she could ride a roller coaster today. I was 13 years old before I could do that.

This month, it also became clear that felt, paper and cardboard are more exciting than the 30,000 toys her daddy has purchased for her.

FELT: If you don’t own a set of felt fruit and root veggies, your child is missing out. Suzianne goes through spurts where she plays with this stuff for days on end.

Favorite toy ever. (Thanks Krissi! Sometimes we love you for that, sometimes we hate you)

Favorite toy ever: felt fruit in a basket.

Even when presented with a new, loud toy. Even on Christmas morning! This child prefers the basket o’ hand-crafted felt that our dear friend Krissi gave to her when she was a few months old. Thanks, Krissi! Sometimes we love you for this gift, sometimes we curse you. 

PAPER: Suzianne loves everything about books and could spend all day flipping through them, pulling them off shelves and nibbling at their corners. A good book currently is the best “soothing” toy we can offer her.


Flippin pages

Once an hour

IMG_0023She’s got a thing for these tabbed DK books, that my friend Nicole introduced us to. I highly recommend them all. Baby Bonus: they apparently make effective teething mechanisms.

CARDBOARD: when Team Newman receives an especially large box, we play with it like this:


It’s a box cave!

When Melissa-the-awesome-nanny gets hold of the same box, it turns into this:

Made by Melissa in like 22 minutes.

“Tiny’s Place”: Made by Melissa in like 22 minutes.

Yes, Dave’s nickname for Suzianne for the past six months or so has been “Tiny.” Not so sure how accurate that name is now, but it’s still cute.

And finally, this month, Suzianne began experimenting with kneeling, pulling herself up on furniture, and standing. You’ll find her like this a lot:

IMG_5711I have a feeling that by next month, she’ll be walking. We’ll see!

In the meantime, watch her grow! Take a scroll through the Month-by-Month archives.