Sorry about that, Jesus.

December 2011 (beginning of the third trimester), in the matching PJ’s my momma got us.

Team Newman, preggers

December 2012, Suzianne in the matching PJ’s she was too prenatal for last year:

Team Newman offspringSuzianne had a marvelous first Christmas; well, besides the teething meltdown that started as we were bowing our heads to pray at the dinner table. Sorry, Lord.

She’s got four coming in on top at once. Yikes.

Team Newman–sensing the only thing that would calm this child was 1.25 ml of infant Motrin and an 11 hour nap–left for home before folks had even finished their green bean casserole. Poor Dave didn’t even get to take one bite of the turkey he spent all day cooking until after Suzianne went to bed later that night. (sigh)

I confess I felt and continue to feel super-guilty about breaking up the family dinner, but no one other than me (I?) seems upset about it. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Anyway! I hope your Christmas was as fun and festive as ours, and that you didn’t have to leave the dinner table while you were talking to Jesus.

Happy Holidays!

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