Not a baby, not yet a toddler

Ya’ll. My baby is not a baby anymore. Not only does she now understand how to communicate “no,” she shares! For real.

This tiny human who has only been on the earth 9 months knows how to hand something over to someone else for no apparent reason other than she just wanted you to have it. See:

Want some?

Would you like a felt cucumber?

For me, this is the coolest milestone yet because it signals that she thinks of us as people worthy of handing over her toys to. I’m no longer just the milk lady, or the lady who forces her to wear pants. I’m a pal!

Meanwhile, I think Georgia feels a little neglected; she now is constantly being consoled by the stuffed hippo Dave got Suzianne at the San Diego Zoo:

Are you my momma?

Are you my momma?

Sorry Porge. We still love ya.