She’s very advanced

One thing I love about Dave is now genuinely fascinated he is by Suzianne’s developmental milestones. I share his enthusiasm. Each new thing she does is a full-out Team Newman celebration. However, I am realistic about her understanding and motivation for some lesser “advancements.”

Take this action, for example:

Mmmm. Why, thank you for the milk, mother.

If you are Dave: this is a photo of your BRILLIANT SPAWN daintily tapping at the corners of her mouth after a delicious meal. 

If you are me: this is a photo of Suzianne attempting to stuff a burp cloth into her slobbery pie hole. And she’s doing this only because she recently figured out how to grab things and smack herself in the face with them.

Every time Suzianne smushes something against her face after her bottle, Dave beams with paternal pride and exclaims, “Look, baby! Suzianne is wiping her mouth!” 

I love this child and all that, but I’m not buying it.

3 thoughts on “She’s very advanced

  1. We’re with Margie. We adore Nathaniel but acknowledge that sometimes it’s like having a puppy. We celebrate when he learns new tricks, he whines when he is hungry, doesn’t speak our language, and if he didn’t wear a diaper, he would mess the floor.

  2. Dave may change his mind in a year or two when he begins to question, Why would you even want that in your mouth?. Just like Mama Krupa said, its like have a teething puppy! 🙂

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