Father’s Day with Burt, Beer and BBQ

We had a wonderful Father’s Day! Special shout out to Suzianne for allowing us to sleep til 8 a.m., and power-napping from 1-3 p.m. while we drove around town looking at pretty houses. Some highlights:

There were matching shirts (sorta):

Did you know that Ralph Lauren has like 75 shades of pink shirts for dudes and like 12 shades of pink outfits for babies, and that none of them match? This is the best I could do:

There was BBQ: 

And of course, there was that great Father’s Day tradition of gathering the family around the Xbox to watch Smokey and the Bandit:

Wait. What? I don’t know. It’s Dave’s favorite move ever. Suzianne is a big Burt Reynolds fan, so it all works out: 

I wish I could adequately explain how awesome it is watching Dave and Suzianne together.  He’s a fabulous father. A kind, fun, loving daddy who brings instant joy to our baby’s face.

From her first day on this Earth, he’s been committed to giving her the very best. I can tell by the way he looks at her–and the time he spends with her–that he loves Suzianne more than he’s ever loved anyone. Sometimes, I think his heart might burst.

I’m a lucky gal; so is Suzianne.

We love you, Newman!