Favorite Things: Month 3

It’s time for the third edition of Team Newman’s Favorite Things! Many of you are reporting that you, too, are finding success in ordering and using the products we are mentioning. The mobile and ugly pacifier seem to be your favorite of our favorites. We are thrilled these posts are helpful!

Suzianne’s Favorite

The Woombie: our friend Andrea suggested we try this right after I posted about the likelihood of Suzianne busting out Month Two’s favorite, the Miracle Blanket. And bust out she did–the night I published that post. Suzianne loved the Woombie during month three. Dave and I like it because it’s fool proof. And when I say “fool proof,” I mean you can’t do it wrong when you are too tired or slightly tipsy.

Margie and Dave’s Favorites:

Diaper Genie: you either love or hate this thing, apparently. We currently are loving it, though the lid does get a little out of sorts every now and then. We’ll see how long it holds up.

Dresses: if you know me, you know I’m fashion-challenged. I have no sense of style, or knack for what is trendy. Dave, on the other hand, has an eye for these things. And I love that if he is the one to get Suzianne up in the morning, he will always put her in a dress:

He’s always done this, even when Suzianne was fresh out of the oven and fancy clothes with buttons scared us to death:

Infant leg warmers: I think teeny tiny leg warmers are cutest things I’ve ever seen, though they are a bit too Flash Dance for Dave. They make diaper changes easy and keep the sun off your baby’s legs when you’re out and about. This is an old picture, but the only one I have of her in my favorite pair that Abby gave us:

Tune Band: since I’m sticking with my 5k training, I’ve got to have the perfect iPhone arm band. I believe I’ve found it in the Tune Band. Its design allows for it to fit securely around my nonexistent biceps, which is an important quality in an arm band. I’m still in love with my YurBuds, too.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Month 3

  1. I think it is adorable that Dave picks cute little dresses for her to wear.
    Those leg warmers are a great idea, I have never seen them so small.

  2. Love your “faves” posts! We got the mobile for our little man, and I was checking out those baby legs today and saw they are running a BOGO offer right now! So, I ordered 4 pairs for him to be styling!

    Thanks for the tips…

  3. I love reading your blog! Raven Moorehead sent it to me because we are adopting a newborn in about 4 weeks. Your blog is a window into the reality that is a coming to my house. Thanks for sharing. I think you are hilarious.

    • Hi there! I’m thrilled Raven sent you my way! Thanks for reading and congrats on your little one! So exciting!

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