Week 13: we’ll pass on pause

This weekend, I saw a Facebook post from a gal that read:

My baby girl is NINE weeks old! Someone push the pause button!

My first thought was “Who would want to ‘pause’ the week when your infant is only sleeping 1.5 hours at a time during the night. I don’t care how cute her baby is, this woman is 75 kinds of cray-cray.”

My second thought was “Who would want to push pause on any of this?”

Every day, Suzianne is discovering and doing freakishly cool stuff. I would not pause this for the world.

Oh, sure, it would have been nice to have loitered around that glorious one week of Suzianne sleeping in 7-to-9-hour stretches. That’s over, by the way. We’re back down to 5 hours at night.

But, if we had stopped time to take in the sweetness of life in that moment, we’d never have had this week of her learning to bat, grab and shove toys into her drooly mouth:

We’d have missed her newly-established–and quite vocal–preference for being propped on the couch like grown up…a grown up who eats the heads off dolls and reads cooking magazines:

If we had a pause button, we’d have missed her first real moments in the Bumbo. And if you know me well, you know that I believe random baby-in-a-Bumbo photos are awesome and pretty much the sole reason folks should procreate:

Pause would have meant missing the discovery of Suzianne’s first love: Sebastian The Playmat Monkey. These two are soul-mates; she talks to him for several minutes at a time. From the sound of things, it is pretty serious:

This week also ushered in a not so horrible attempt at baby wearing. This time we gave the K’Tan a go (h/t Rakelle):

Suzianne seems to find this more comfortable than the Bjorn, but being that close to my chest still just makes her hungry. So, when I say “we gave it a go,” I mean we never left the apartment. And when I say “not so horrible,” I mean she waited a good 15 minutes before screaming bloody murder.

Not everything changed this week though. Suzianne still looks just like her daddy:

She also still hates tummy time, being tired and STARVING.

But this week, she’s literally learned something new every day. It’s insane. And I am so happy her life keeps moving forward.

Who needs pause when you’ve got play?

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  1. Looks freakishly JUST like her daddy, particularly when he, also, is inclined to publicly demonstrate his matched prowess for the refined art of spit-bubble manufacturing.

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