Holy insane infant public breakdown, Batman.

Oh, Suzianne.

You were not feeling today’s “let’s meet daddy for lunch” adventure at Ted’s Montana Grille. This was not a fun Team Newman moment:

Only after 10 minutes of public wailing and daddy rocking, did you calm down enough for me to get you to the train, where you promptly passed out:

And you’re still asleep in that stroller, here in the living room, where I’m scarfing down my Ted’s burger and cold fries in front of a famished tea cup poodle:

But! Thanks to you, we’ve discovered a very effective way to make our server promptly deliver our check and to-go boxes: just make your baby scream bloody murder while business folks are trying to eat! Yay! …so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.


Oh, well. We tried.

3 thoughts on “Holy insane infant public breakdown, Batman.

  1. I love that you had the gumption enough to snap her picture while screaming! Hilarious!

    • I was just thinking that if she was gonna make a such big production out of it, I should at least document her monumental effort. And tell the Internet about it.

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