Week 11: Suzianne thinks I’m awesome.

Long time, no post comprised of words!

Sorry about that.

It’s been a little hectic, as you know. By the way, here’s what your bedroom looks like when you’ve been traveling for a week across the country with your infant, and then return home at 10 p.m. and collapse on your bed. And your back is still out; and your husband is under the weather:

Yep. That’s a play mat, a mock changing station, a poodle and an infant in my bed. Also, a half empty Fat Tire on my nightstand. I am not ashamed. But my momma will be. (The room is clean now, mom! I swear!) Poor Dave had to sleep on the couch.

Anyway, despite my back woes, Week 11 was great. Besides our fabulous San Diego travels that you’ve already read about, there were other highlights:

MY BABY SLEEPS! Is your baby having trouble sleeping at night? Take her to San Diego! For some reason, Suzianne was a sleep champion while visiting that fabulous city. Now that we’re back, she continues to grant us a five to seven hour stretch of sleep at night. I have no clue why. And it may end any day now, but I’m so excited that I just have to tell you about it.

MY BABY’S NAILS ARE CLEAN! There are many things in life that I do well. Cleaning infant fingernails is not one of them. Thanks to the arm holes in the Woombie, I tricked Suzianne into thinking she was fully swaddled for her nap:

Here’s that pose with a sombrero, as God intended: 

Anyway, once she was out, I spent 33 minutes trimming and filing these now freakishly clean teeny tiny nails:

MY BABY DOES NOT MELT IN THE RAIN! I remember when Dave bought me the rain cover for my stroller and car seat. I said, “Thanks, baby!” But was thinking, “Who is he kidding?! I can barely get us out the door in the sun, much less the rain.” But, now! Now, I’m a getting out champ. Bring on that rain, yo:

TEAM NEWMAN IS REUNITED! Sweet Dave flew down from his business trip to Portland to accompany us back to DC from San Diego. Good thing, because my back was once again useless and I was unable to pick up the baby, break down the stroller, etc. Suzianne really missed her daddy…her daddy missed her, too:

I was going to post about the return flight, but honestly (and thankfully!), there’s nothing interesting to report! Suzianne was great on the flight and I got to watch an episode of SMASH I had not seen. The only odd thing was this guy, who took off his socks and put his sweaty feet up on the wall:

A GUILT-FREE ASSESSMENT: nearly three months. Next week, our girl will be three months old. I’d like to say it seems like yesterday that she was born, that these are the most precious days of my life, etc.

But since I like to keep it real here, I’ll tell you that 12 weeks seems like forever ago! And these have been the most challenging weeks of my life.

I still have no clue what I’m doing. And still break down and cry on a weekly basis. But Suzianne is thriving. She’s a healthy, happy baby who looks at me like I’m the most awesome thing she’s ever seen. And as long as she approves, I guess I’m doing alright. 

2 thoughts on “Week 11: Suzianne thinks I’m awesome.

  1. You are great!!! I felt the same way. I would question people ALL the time about when to have another. Just the thought of another baby made me nearly have an anxiety attach. Cole started sleeping at 3 months. After I got sleep, the last 10 have flown. I believe those people now when they say it flies, but it doesn’t fly until they sleep 🙂 you crack me up! I love your blog.

  2. ~On the state of your bedroom: OMG !!!
    ~Baby Suzie’s nails: finally…..thank the good Lord.
    ~Re: your parenting skills: lighten up on yourself. You’re better than I ever was and doing a great job!
    ~Emotional stability… Prozac is your friend.

    I love you

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