Suzianne to San Diego, Day 1

We’ve made it through security! It was quick and painless. TSA agent screened the breast milk in some machine, but did not open it.

Suzianne slept the whole time:


I am feeling a little silly about having left the house so early. We left the house at 11:15 AM and are already at the airport pub; and it’s only 12:30 PM. We’ve now got two hours to kill.

Next up: breastfeeding in the airport, boarding the plane and the actual flight. Wish us luck.

3 thoughts on “Suzianne to San Diego, Day 1

  1. I am sure you will do fine because you are prepared and that’s makes for a calm mom which Suzianne will sense and be calm as well. Enjoy your trip.

  2. The greatest piece of advice I ever heard one parent give another was with regard to flying. You know the whole thing about allowing parents w/ children to board first? Well there’s a trick to that that parents swear by (might not be quite necessary yet since Suzianne isn’t mobile yet). If you are flying with someone (Dave, friend, family) other than just you and the baby, have one of you board during the preboarding and get all your stuff situated and settled and then the other one of you board with the child at the last possible minute. There is usually a lot of time to kill on a plane when you board it and this keeps the child from getting too bored and fussy too far in advance of the flight. Like I said, might not be an issue with Suzianne yet, but it will be eventually. The parents who I know who now do that swear by it.

  3. I’m with Mindy. I don’t have kids, but I just flew this weekend and the dead time after you board drives me crazy. Plus I rode 2.5 hours with several children on board and they were super restless so I have to agree. The one that I could see was restless by the time I boarded.

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