This old girl ain’t what she used to be

I’m old.

This week, my body has made this very, very clear.

Here’s me, on the couch ASLEEP when Joe Flood was here visiting:

I was ASLEEP nearly the entire time he was a here, ya’ll. Geez. But I just couldn’t help it. Thanks for documenting that, Joe.

Also, my back, wrists and knees ache. I’m sure the back and wrist issues are due to my improper form while lifting, cradling and loving on Suzianne. I’m trying to do better. And wondering if I need to invest in wrist braces…

But my knees? Both hurt so badly–and in the exact same place– that I can’t hardly walk. It’s not from running because I was running two weeks before this issue came to be. I assumed for several days that it was due to the way I was sitting during tummy time.

Thanks to Dave, we’ve now cornered the culprit: The Rocking Chair of Doom.

For months, I’ve loved this chair so much that it now bears an imprint of my tush. It’s a petite chair, and am a petite gal, so we make a great pair. For months, I always sat in it with my feet up on the ottoman.

Last week, when we moved the chair into the teeny, tiny nursery, I didn’t put the ottoman in there. Apparently, all that rocking Suzianne in my petite chair with no ottoman is tearing up my knees. Dave’s theory is that the chair is too low to the ground.

Regardless, my body is really screaming at me this week. So I’m taking a break from my running routine to let it heal (sigh) and popping Motrin.

And the ottoman is now in the nursery.

Suzianne’s advice for mommies-to-be: take some yoga classes, ladies. You will soon be using and straining muscles you forgot you had!  

3 thoughts on “This old girl ain’t what she used to be

  1. Almost eight months into the baby adventure, I wound up with a new regiment of back exercises to help strengthen for lifting Mr. Tubby. Good luck with your joints, and keep up the yoga!

  2. 1. You are so not old!

    2. While the ottoman could be the knee pain culprit…don’t count out the running! When I started running last spring, I had some wicked knee pain pop up early summer. I talked to a trainer/former track athlete whom I was taking boot camp classes from, and he said it was probably because I was running on hard surfaces (the road), and on the same side of the road where it was slightly sloped. I had never thought the road was slightly sloped from the middle to the sidewalks. He suggested keep going, but switch up my routine and my knees would toughen up. Plus, boot camp help strengthen the muscles around my knees which helped a lot too. And sure enough, the pain eventually went away and I haven’t had it since.

    (I also haven’t run since like…November. So I’m sure when I start again I’ll be back in the same boat!

    Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it and listen to your body!

    Now, go take a nap!

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