Favorite things: Month 2

In month two, we started to find a tiny bit of a routine, thanks to a little more sleep and a few favorite products.

Suzianne’s Favorites

The Mobile: Geez o Pete, she’s obsessed with this thing. Our friends Albert and Angela get the award for Most Mesmerizing Gift That is Also Good For Brain Development. The mobile hangs over the changing table and Suzianne lights up like a little, Dave-type Christmas tree every time she sees it:

The Mat: Suzianne is also a fan of this play mat. I purchased it because she was crazy-alert for a then six-week-old, so I wanted her to have something fun to look at while I took a shower/ate breakfast/folded laundry, etc. She loves the mat. And it currently is the only thing that she tries to have a conversation with, when she’s not trying to force milk out of it:

Margie and Dave’s Favorites

The Miracle Blanket: we touted the Halo swaddle in month one, but in month two, The Miracle Blanket is the winner. Suzianne is freakishly strong, so she was busting up and out of the velcro. The Miracle Blanket pins her arms by her side; she now sleeps like a champ and has not (as of this posting) figured out how to escape it.

Epiphany: it’s not just for nighttime sleep. She’s a much better napper when swaddled, too.

Grass Drying Rack: breast pumps have many parts that need washing and drying after each session. I was setting the parts out on paper towels until Dave gave me this. It’s fun and enables the parts to dry out much faster.

Uppa Baby Stroller & Peg Perego Car Seat: yes, these items are pricey (I got a great deal on Zulily), but we love the way the stroller and car seat are so adaptable. The car seat snaps into the fold up stroller, car seat base (that stays in the car), and even Dave’s fancy jogging stroller. The stroller comes with a bassinet and an older child seat. So, one piece gives you three options, which is nice, since our apartment is only 990 square feet.

Warning: the car seat is insanely heavy, but I guess if it’s protecting your baby, it should be sturdy.

3 thoughts on “Favorite things: Month 2

  1. Loving your favorite things list! You were so smart to put the mobile over the changing table! I’m still confused as to why people thought installing a fascinating device that keeps babies awake on to a baby’s crib was such a good idea. Changing table – perfect. Baby is already awake and a distraction during that process is always helpful!

    Should Suzianne escape the Miracle Blanket … the next step is the Woombie. It is the easiest swaddle device of them all … we tried ALL of them: traditional swaddle blankets, the Halo, the Miracle Blanket, and the Woombie. The Woombie rocks. One zip and you are done. Easiest middle-of-the-night diaper changes ever 🙂

    And, yes, babies who love to be swaddled nap even better in a swaddle!

    When she graduates from swaddling, an A+A sleep sack will help with the transition: http://www.amazon.com/aden-anais-Cotton-Muslin-Sleeping/dp/B0057IQG4O/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1336502221&sr=8-17. They have a TON of different size/color options. This is just a sample. The Halo sleep sack works, too. Miller just happens to love the fabric of the A+A blankets and sleeping bag.

  2. Thank you! Suzianne is now busting out of the Miracle Blanket and the Sleep Sack. Geez. So I’ve ordered a Woombie! I’ll let you know how it goes…

  3. Okay…we were at this place (it’s like a place that sells overruns) and scored a mobile like yours for under $10! I hope Baby Parneezy loves it as much as Suzianne does…I was so excited to see it there!

    I also heard great things about the Woombie…I’ll have to check them out and get one.

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