Week 8 was (relatively) great!

Week eight was full of firsts, most of them good! Thanks to my co-worker and friend Krissi, Dave and I enjoyed our first night out. Here’s Dave and me, in the only outfit I could manage to fit over my “birthing hips”:

And here is Krissi, loving on Suzianne: 

Also, week eight saw the reunion of my diet, deli meat and brie! Oh, brie, how I’ve missed you. Especially on this turkey sandwich from Au Bon Pain:

I’m still sort of in shock at how I managed to finish my first week of 5k training. I ran three times during week eight, using the Ease into 5k app. I’m really enjoying this, oddly enough. I think it’s due to my newly purchased headphones and the RockMyRun playlist I bought (h/t Becca). I’m finding I prefer to run outside (while Dave watches the baby). But if Suzianne is having an unpredictable nap and Dave is at work, she chills with me upstairs to our fancy pants gym:

I believe it’s Suzianne’s new tendency fight sleep that led to her first actual meltdown. Parents of colic-y babies will want to smack me for saying her first meltdown came at week eight. But it’s true.

Before this week, she’d cry if she was hungry or sleepy, but she’s never wailed for no particular reason like she has this week. I think she’s overtired; pictured below. What do you think?

BUT! This week ended on a high note with a two day visit from Granny Sue Sue! As you would expect, there were manicures and cocktails:

And since mom’s MO is to take Suzianne out for hours at a time, Dave and I got some much needed alone/sleeping/running/Internet time! Everybody wins! Thanks, Granny Sue Sue!

Coming up for week nine: our two-month doctor’s check up, lots of visits from friends and co-workers, more running and our first playdates! Stay tuned…all of these logistics in one week could lead to a post about how awesome a mother I am, or how I’m a complete disaster.

4 thoughts on “Week 8 was (relatively) great!

  1. I think the “overtired” picture above demands a caption contest.

    If not, I would like to demand one on its behalf.

  2. Margie! I haven’t checked the blog in a while, but I did today and oh my gosh! You have documented my first 4 weeks of motherhood (Ewan was born April 1st – I anticipate that you are also documenting my next 4 weeks of motherhood as well but I haven’t gotten to them yet!)! It seemed like you had witnessed Ewan’s morning meals in your post about 5 minutes in the morning with Suzianne – hilarious! I couldn’t agree more with your posts. thanks for some good laughs!! I hope you are doing great and keep the posts coming 🙂

  3. I love your weekly updates! You are going to love looking back at these. Makes me wish I had sat down and blogged while on maternity leave. Anyways, I’m sure you already have a copy of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child … I think you probably already have a copy based on all of the recs given for that book posted on your Facebook page a while ago. The book should give you tips on the best times for Suzianne to nap and such. It was a lifesaver for us!!! Also, you look GREAT and I can’t see these “birthing hips” you keep on mentioning!

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