The joys of baby wearing

I woke up feeling super-confident yesterday. As an added bonus, My Fabulous Friend Beth came over and showed me how to use the Moby. So, I thought I’d give baby wearing a try.

First up, the Moby. All I will say is “Beth made this look easy.” She didn’t even have to use a mirror to put it on correctly. She was wearing PEARLS when she did it!

I didn’t have the same success with Suzianne and the Moby. I don’t have a photo to show you of the aftermath of my attempt but place Suzianne in it. I fear one of you would call Child Protective Services on me.

But here is me using a stuffed rabbit to practice on:

Suzianne did not share the rabbit’s zen. So, onto the Baby Bjorn. Things were going well at first:

Until she tried to milk it:

Once she figured out the Bjorn was not a boob, things quickly disintegrated into THIS IS TORTURE MOMMA. Within five minutes of blessed Bjorn freedom, she was zonked:
Of course, this is the same kid who tries to milk her play mat during tummy time:

I SWEAR I do feed her on occasion.

Anyway, guess we’ll have to save any additional baby wearing practice for another time…at this point, she’s just not having it.

Baby wearers of the world: feel free to share your tips in the comments!

5 thoughts on “The joys of baby wearing

  1. I loved the Bjorn, and so did Nathan. I used it all the time around the house when I was still home, then I always used it for walks and to run errands – he liked it way better than the stroller, and I liked it better than lugging that heavy car seat. I used it until he got huge and Jon told me I looked ridiculous wearing him. But when Nate was tiny, the close boob proximity was definitely problematic around eating time. Every baby is different of course – if Suzianne doesn’t take to it, you could try again when she’s big enough to face forward. Good luck!

  2. There are lots of great YouTube videos showing how to make the moby work right. I loved the moby when Jackson was smaller. 🙂

  3. We have the Moby, Ergo, and Baby K’tan and I swear by the Baby K’tan. After friends showed me how to use the Moby and I watched countless youtube demonstrations, I spent $35 on a class to learn to use the Moby. During that class I was also introduced to the Baby K’tan and I purchased it the same day. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made!! It’s so easy and more sanitary than the Moby (which always hits the ground). Baby K’tan all the way!!

  4. hysterical – made me smile 🙂 i swear she gets cuter with every post (as if it’s even possible…)

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