Crazy Arms

Nothing makes a tired, Type-A momma happier than when Suzianne throws out the crazy arms; the gesture that signals her decent into a deep, deep sleep that enables me to get things done around the house:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Crazy Arms are not to be confused with Cute But Only Napping Arms, pictured below. Don’t be fooled; these arms merely signal sleep-ish-ness:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

If you move Suzianne while these arms are present, she will wake up and demand to be fed right then because OMG MY MOMMA NEVER FEEDS ME YA’LL.

But once Crazy Arms appear, you could march in a parade without waking her. Or, more practically, transfer her into a bassinet so you can shower:

Crazy Arms, FTW!*

*Nicole, that means,”For the Win.”

One thought on “Crazy Arms

  1. Its the “I surrender” arm position. lol You just reminded me of when the twins were baby’s, they use to get the “I surrender” arms and usually both of them would have a hand on the others face…So cute I will have to send you a picture.
    I can not believe how big she is getting, sure hope I get to meet her some day before she is all grown up.

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