Hello there, stranger.

This week, Suzianne and I have become Starbucks regulars. While I was in line a couple of days ago, a tall, well-dressed, handsome man walked over and made eye contact for a longer-than-acceptable-for-a-married-dude amount of time.

I’m thinking:

Come on dude; I’ve got a BABY and BLING and CLEARLY emit postpartum-ness. Leave me be. 

Ah, but, then again…I can’t help it if this guy is attracted to a gal who just showered yesterday, brushed her teeth recently and who’s nails look so awesome. Also, my socks match today…

Tall Stranger: “Hey there.”

Me: “Hi.” {look away at the menu board}

{Tall Stranger approaches}

{I act like I don’t notice}

Tall Stranger: “Hey…nice cover.”

Me; “Oh, um, what?”

Tall Stranger: “My wife and I have that exact stroller*, but ours didn’t come with that cover. Where did you get that? We have a three-week old. How old is your baby? Are you able to leave the house much? We don’t. I’m just making a Starbucks run. My wife says our baby is too young to take out, but I’m going to tell her you have yours out. Yours looks so little…”

On and on he went. Bless his heart. And there was I thinking I was being hit on in the Starbucks. Bless my heart.

Either way, I’m racking up the Starbucks rewards points:

*For the record, I did not pay full retail price for the stroller, I got it for $250 thanks to Zulily.

2 thoughts on “Hello there, stranger.

  1. dying laughing right now….maybe that’s how hot new moms GET hit on? Hey baby, is that YOUR stroller??

  2. Yes you have hit a new level in life. The men are not scared to talk to you,Funny what a baby can do. This concerned father being so curious about your baby’s age ,and getting out of the house more, reminded me Jesse. Jesse caught Viral Pneumonia when he was just a few weeks old.I had taken him to a grocery store in Florida and unaware that because of no really cold weather there to kill the germs in the Air ,He ended up in Intensive Care for over a month and I almost lost him. I’m not telling you this too scare you but to inform others who might read this and live in the South.

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