Week 5: I’m starting to understand why people have children

The first four weeks of a baby’s life are a lot like pregnancy: it’s beautiful, but it ain’t pretty. 

I love Suzianne. But during those first weeks, I really had a hard time understanding why folks KEEP having children after they already have one. Don’t they know what they are signing up for? I seriously pondered this for three weeks. During this time, didn’t stare adoringly into her eyes; mine was a gaze of overwhelming, throat-clinching fear.

But folks kept saying it would get better; it totally has. For example, I now can drink a Fat Tire while nursing. BOOM.

How’s that for multitasking?

Week five shall forever be known as The Week Things Started to Get Fun. (Besides the day my mom left; that was not at all fun). I think the “fun” has to do with my hormones calming down and my confidence going up.

When you’re not stressed out/having breakdowns about how you don’t know what you’re doing, you actually can enjoy mimosas and manicures, and visitors; you can make fun of explosive poo, and attempt the origami that is the Baby Bjorn.

Here’s Dave showing off his mad baby-wearing skills. Proving he can take care of our spawn while playing video games AND doing some sort of odd Captain Morgan stance:

Also fun, watching the new and cool things your child discovers and does each day. Like how to make boogers the size of a penny:

No wonder she couldn’t breathe on Sunday.

I’ll have to check and see if there is place to document “First Booger” in the baby book.

Speaking of books, this week, I started to pick up on some things I used to do regularly, like write thank you notes and read. Only now, I find my Kindle has sprouted tiny arms and occasionally smells like poop:

I’m also happy to report that this week, Suzianne is starting to smile at us–and not just when she’s gassy. She seems to know our voices, too.

We’re grateful for these precious, early days, when our baby is an all-around happy kiddo who is completely oblivious to how geeky and weird her parents are.

This week, I really did catch myself just staring at her for 20 and 30 minutes at a time. This week, I’m only overwhelmed by how much I love her. How perfect she is. Sometimes I look over and see Dave doing the same thing. Even Georgia does it.

NOW I see why folks have children. They do it because of moments like these:


2 thoughts on “Week 5: I’m starting to understand why people have children

  1. I love reading your blog and your honesty!! 🙂 my little guy will be one on Friday, sniff, sniff. I feel like it is dejavu. It only gets better and better. So happy for you!

  2. This is just SO encouraging, Margie. Thank you for documenting this. Makes the imminent future seem not so scary.

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