It takes a village

Sadly, Granny Sue Sue has flown back to the Land of Perfect Weather (sniff, sniff), and I’m officially on my own durning the day. This morning, a certain one month old simply would not take a nap. And this momma really needed to use the facilities (because, now that I’m not preggers, I CAN.)

But after three hours, when she finally did sleep, I was scared to move her, since the previous four times I’d tried that she woke up all “OMG I’m STARVING! Momma! For the love of all things holy feed meeeeeeeee noooooooooow!”

And so, I was texting Dave about my complicated situation; thankfully, he had a brilliant solution: 

Good Lord, I love that man.

BUT I really did have to go…and when you’ve gotta go…you’ll do crazy stuff, like risk waking up your baby.  And then this happened: