Hooter Hider: handmade with love in Colorado!

I’m ever-so-grateful to my Auburn pal and sorority sister, Aly Warren, for sending me this beautiful “hooter hider” courtesy of her organic, fabulous baby store, Naturally Loved:

If you live in Denver, go check it out! 

She put it in the mail to us after reading this post, about how I was feeding Suzianne on the nasty carpet floor in front of the men’s room. I was trying to use a blanket to cover myself, but it kept slipping off. I was all traumatized by the “feeding on the floor” experience; Suzianne was all “thanks for the grub, momma!”

Since then, I’ve had a few more public feeding sessions. I’m getting a little better at it.

BUT NOW, when I feed my baby in public, a car or a Nordstrom, I’ll be beaming with female empowerment AND will look super-cute while doing so! Suzianne and I appreciate you, Aly!

*Per FTC legal whatnot, I need to tell you that although I did receive this hooter hider for free, I was not asked to endorse it/blog about it. 

2 thoughts on “Hooter Hider: handmade with love in Colorado!

  1. I wish public breastfeeding was more accepted. At least there is the hooter hider! I will never use anything else – it’s adjustable, lightweight and allows me to see my baby at all times.

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