Week 4: the hormonal fog is lifting

The week started out rocky, but getting out of the house each day, combined with Dave forcing me to clean house less and nap more, has helped more than I can say.

Seriously. Any attempt I make at explaining this emotional transformation will seem like an exaggeration. But, dude. What a difference sleep and fresh air make.

To the currently preggers: please, please promise me you will find a way to get out of your house once you have this baby and your lady parts no longer throb. Having a baby in the winter? Never fear; this is why God made Nordstom.

Dave and I ventured out today and found all kinds of fun things at their Pentagon City Mall location. Like a yummy cafe that pipes in soft jazz and has free WiFi, and super-fancy “Mothers’ Room” for feeding and changing your kiddo and whatnot:

Hat Tip: Beth. OMG you were so right about this place!

As an added bonus, the Cafe and Mothers’ Room are right next to the ADORABLE, fancy-pants Nordstrom baby clothes section.

Of note: whenever I want to see what something will look like on Suzianne, I make Dave hold it up to himself. Here’s Dave modeling how Suzianne will look in this dress (which we now own) when she’s trying to poop:

Special thanks to Granny Sue Sue for making today’s Team Newman Starbucks/Park/Nordstrom adventure possible. While we were galavanting around Northern Virginia, Suzianne was enjoying her day at the GSS spa:

Today, I go in for my one month check up.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since Suzianne came barreling out into the world. I’m so glad she’s ours, even if she has knocked my hormones and beloved to-do list off kilter.