Why, yes! Today IS the third day in a row I’ve left the house! It’s extremely empowering. Thursday, doctor’s office and Mexican food. Yesterday, with mom for coffee:

Today, Chipotle with Dave. AND today, I was able to zip up my fleece for the first time in 8 months! Proof:

Oh, sure, I’m still wearing maternity jeans…but who cares?! I ZIPPED UP A FLEECE.

Also, my pumping efforts are going so much better now, which takes a lot of stress off of me. Props to Beth and Pavis for encouraging me to start pumping early. (For some reason, I thought pumping was something you only did when you went back to work? It’s not. You want to have some supply at the ready so spouse/grandmother can feed the baby while you sleep, shower, camp out at the Chick Fil A, etc.)

It has taken a while for my body to get the memo, but it’s starting to play along. Maybe it’s these Milk Makers cookies I bought? Or maybe it’s the fact that Dave is making me take more naps. Either way. Check this out:

Boom! Four ounces, ya’ll. 

These days, there’s really nothing better for my psyche than a nap, a productive pumping session and getting outside for an hour or two. Oh, I know: I’m a wild woman. Even when I’m dropping off the dry cleaning. WILD.

Don’t worry. I’m not just locking Suzianne in her room while I paint the town; Granny Sue Sue has been taking her for a few hours each day. And I have managed to get out WITH Suzianne a couple of times. It’s a wonderful feeling to push her around in her stroller. I used to see people doing that with their kids, and it would make me sad because I thought I’d never push a stroller of my own. I’m very grateful.

Grateful and very much in love with this baby girl. Even when her precious face projectile vomits on me.