At the Pediatrician’s with Granny Sue Sue

Suzianne had a great one month check up with her fabulous pediatrician today. She’s now 8.11 pounds, 21 inches long (that’s the 50th percentile for both measurements). She also got kudos for her “sweet disposition” and “alertness.” The doctor’s intern’s comment was my favorite: “this is the kind of baby that tricks you into having a second child.”

Of note: the staff thought mom and I were partners, because mom “looks so young, should could not possibly be a grandmother.”

Also, Mom is holding her in this photo because we could not figure out how to unlatch our fancy carseat (Dave normally does this), so we finally gave up and carried her into the doctor’s office instead:

I’d also like to point out that after this appointment, I breastfed my child in the back of our car. This time, there were no tears, spiders, or toilets. Just me, an Audi A4 and my momma–texting in the front seat. It was lovely.

And because nothing says “great doctor’s visit!” like queso, we hightailed it to a Mexican restaurant, where little Suzie took a nap while big Susie enjoyed a margarita:

I had a Dos Equis Amber, in case you’re wondering. My friend Marie says beer helps you boost milk supply, so, you know, drinking it was a sacrifice I made for the baby.

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  1. I could totally see it, after all Aunt Susie is very hot and extremely young looking. 😉

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