Week 2: Granny Sue Sue has magic baby soothing powers

My momma, the baby whisperer, and her super-alert grandbaby:

Today, Granny Sue Sue had Suzianne all dressed up in her Puritan bonnet. Clearly, we had to show this off, so, we went to Ted’s Montana Grille:

Oh, yes! This means I left the house today. For five entire hours! Here’s proof:

It was Dave’s first day back at work. Since I was all sad about that, mom kept me occupied. When Dave got home, it was tummy time–it was wonderful to have him back:

Our little Suzianne is two weeks old today. We couldn’t possibly love her more. We are learning to be patient with her and ourselves as we learn how to do this new parent thing. But, Suzianne seems to be acclimating to the new human thing just fine:

4 thoughts on “Week 2: Granny Sue Sue has magic baby soothing powers

  1. She is simply gorgeous, and you guys are FANTASTIC parents!!! Hold on tight for the ride! It’s awesome and goes at very high speeds! And btw, you look BEAUTIFUL! You’re like Heidi Klum doing the Victorias Secret show six weeks after birth, only you have her beat by four weeks!! Go you!! Xo

  2. you are look fab u lous. and Suzinanne is precious. and seriously – you look GREAT! Hang in there sista!

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